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Saturday 29th June 2019 @ 7.30pm

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Saturday 22nd June 2019 @ 7.30pm

The History of the 60's

​featuring Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich

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Saturday 15th June 2019 @ 7.30pm

Treasure Island - Stamford Pantomime Players

The Beached Boys were founded in 1999 from the remnants of a Beach Boys inspired band called Endless Summer.
The idea to form a new band originated from a request from a television company for them to appear in a    programme hosted by Ann Robinson based on American themes. The success of this appearance led them to                                                      rehearse a set of songs to take on the road. This was an instant success                                                        as bookings for shows and private functions. Their accurate harmonies                                                          and tight mix of two guitars, bass, drums and keyboard create the                                                                nostalgic feel of those fun days from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
                                                    Listen in amazement as Dave, Paul, Kevin, George and John recreate the                                                      super summer sounds of Brian, Mike, Carl, Al and Dennis, who made up                                                          the inspirational and very different California

                                                    group The Beach Boys. Hits like 'Little Deuce

Coup', 'I get Around', 'Surfin Safari' and 'Help Me Rhonda' should get you yearning

for the sun and surf.
With their neatly trimmed harmonies, the Beached Boys magically capture the

original sixties surfing sound of the Beach Boys. In the sixties, at the height of

their original popularity, the Beach Boys propagated their own variant on

The American Dream, painting a dazzling picture of beaches, parties and endless summers.

A farcical adult comedy by K.R.S. Foster
The company that brings you the Adult Panto each year will be returning in the summer with their farcical adult comedy, ROMAN ROMP.  
At the Temple of Vesta, ‘celibacy’ is a way of life. However, for reluctant virgin, Frigella the Fulfiller, this means her only chance at ‘Shagamus’ is to escape to the Temple of Venus next door. A fool-proof plan is needed, and this must be expertly implemented to avoid a nasty punishment. Sadly, with Frigella’s well-meaning but charmingly stupid friend, Bimbus, things will never be straightforward, especially with the High Priestess, Virginia Creeper, suspicious of her every move!

Don’t miss this hilarious evening of farcical confusion and outrageous innuendo…it may also contain mild audience participation!

Join Gem Hawkins and her friend Silly Billy Bones as they sail the Seven Seas in search of long-lost treasure. But will the villainous Long John Silver and his cunning crew stand in their way? Featuring a talented cast, hilarious jokes and spectacular ultra violet glow-in-the- dark puppetry. An amateur production by Stamford Pantomime Players young members by arrangement with Starbright Entertainments.


Friday 5th July 7:00pm, Saturday 6th July 2:00pm and 7:00pm

The Beached Boys 

Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre

Roman Romp - adult comedy 

The Sixties was an incredible decade, and now you have the chance to be part of that swinging era with THE HISTORY OF THE SIXTIES SHOW. Featuring the following top acts recreating that memorable part of history.

If you can remember the sixties, it was a decade when music changed

with Bands like the Beatles, Stones, Hollies, Kinks etc...
A Band who were known for their very colourful stage Gear and

style was a Band called Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich.
They scored a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart in 1968 with

"The Legend of Xanadu". The combined sales figures were in excess

of one million copies. Their other top 10 UK hits included "Hideaway",

"Hold Tight!", "Bend It!", "Save Me!", "Touch Me, Touch Me", "Okay!",

"Zabadak!" and "Last Night in Soho".

The Casuals were a four piece British pop group in the 1960's and early 70's, best known for their hit "Jesamine" which reached No.2 in the UK in 1968.The New Casuals are a result of member changes over the years but the legend continues with the band performing Casuals hits plus a selection of great songs from the sixties. A superb 5-piece show band.

Vinny is a versatile singer who hails from Leicester in the East Midlands. He has spent the last thirty years performing hits from the likes of Roy Orbison, The Beatles, The Searchers and many more sixties favourites. This talented Guitarist/Vocalist never fails to please, having worked Cruise Ships, Theatres and Venues across the UK and Europe.

This girl duo lovingly re-create that sixties sound made famous by the likes of Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black, Sandy Shaw and many many more hits that made female vocalists so popular in the 60's decade. Two girls with very special voices that will bring back all the memories of hits like "You're my World, I only wanna be with you" and so many other great songs.

The "HISTORY OF THE SIXTIES SHOW” is not to be missed. Ticket sales are expected to be high so make sure you buy yours early!