Rose Smith

Carol Harkness

Patron:                       Lady Victoria Leatham

President:                  The Mayor of Stamford
Vice President:           Station Commander, RAF Wittering

Board of Directors:
Chairman:                  Carol Harkness
Company Secretary:   James Buxton
Directors:                   Mike Exton
                                  Rosemary Smith
Committee members:
Chairman:                  Sarah Dorson
Secretary:                  Carol Harkness
Rosemary Smith
                                 Mike Exton

                                 Alice Harkness (Minutes secretary)
                                 Steve Marsh (Stamford Kiwanis)
                                 Gill Clarke (Stamford Lions)
                                 Ron Garfitt

​                                 Fg Office Michael Stewart (RAF Wittering)


​Meet the Team

Sarah Dorson

Mike Exton

Ron Garfitt