Winners 'Wishful Drinking' receiving the trophy and £60 cash prize from Sarah Dorson - Festival Committee Chairman

​Festival Video Quiz Night

​Held on Sunday 24th June 2018 at 7:30pm at Blackstone's Sports and Social Club, Lincoln Road, Stamford.


​1st place Wishful Drinking with 160 points who received the winners trophy and the £60 cash prize

2nd place The Has Beens with 137.5 who received the £30 cash prize

3rd place 2 Squared with 130 points

4th place Last Minute with 122 points

5th place Smartie Pints with 119 points

6th place The Late Comers with 109.5 points

7th place You Can't Sit With Us! with 109 points

8th place The Young and the Old with 108 points

Runners Up 'The has Beens' with the £30 cash prize